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Blowfish has one job: fix your hangover. The formula is recognized by the FDA and guaranteed to work. Just drop the tablets in water and drink. We’ll take it from there. Free shipping and easy check out with Amazon and Apple pay.


The 12-Tablet Box

Get over your hangover anywhere. This 12-tablet box takes down six hangovers for just $2 a piece. It’s a must-have for your nightstand, desk drawer, travel bag… or maybe all three.


Two 12-Tablet Boxes

Double the bubble and save. Order two 12-tablet boxes and get 20% off our single box price. Order up, because know you’re going to need it eventually, right?


50-Tablet Party Pack

Now we're talking. Contains 25 individually wrapped doses. Great for tailgates, wedding gift bags or anytime you want to be the party MVP.


The Double Party Pack

Behold the Blowfish Double Party Pack. A lot like the Party Pack except times two! Perfect for hosts who like to go big AND save money. The formulation is guaranteed. Party-wide gratitude? Very likely.

I Need Blowfish Immediately

Look for Blowfish in the pain reliever in CVS stores nationwide. Or, get a friend to bring it directly to your couch or bathroom floor.

People Love
Not Being Hungover

  • These things are incredible, take one pouch and within 30 minutes no more hangover. Highly recommend for anyone looking.
  • I just pop two tablets in a big water bottle and the more I drink it the better I feel! For the worst hangovers, it’s not a perfect cure but it can bring me from feeling like a 1/10 to a 7/10 pretty quickly. With any hangover that isn't terrible, it makes me feel like nothing ever happened.
  • Perfect combo of ingredients you need to get things going. The taste isn't the best but I'll take the trade off when I feel like a million bucks when everyone else is struggling. Great product.
  • After going harder than most, we woke up early to shred the slopes, popped a couple blowfish pills, and rallied through the whole day.
  • Didn't want to believe the hype until I finally was in need of some help. Couldn't ask for anything better, it's no bull it worked as advertised. I have recommended this to friends and family, just wish I would've known about it sooner. Thanks Blowfish, you are awesome.
  • As a college student with 8ams this semester I thought my social life was done for but low and behold the world of science came to the rescue. This stuff works. If you love going out at night but still have professional things to do the next day you NEED Blowfish in your life.
  • I got married this past summer and put Blowfish in all of my wedding gift bags for out of town guests. The morning after the party, every single person made it to the brunch. Thanks Blowfish!

Helpful FAQs

  • Does Blowfish really work?
    Yes. If you’ve ever tried another "hangover cure", we understand why you’re skeptical. But Blowfish is different. For one, our formulation is recognized by the FDA. Seriously. You can go to the FDA’s website here and search our NDC code 75920-0464. For another, we guarantee you like it or we’ll really give your money back.
  • When should I take Blowfish?
    In the morning, as soon as you wake up. Unless you really want that hangover to last any longer.
  • What’s in Blowfish?
    Each Blowfish tablet contains 500mg of aspirin and 60 mg of pharmaceutical caffeine in two effervescent tablets. We know what you’re thinking: sounds simple. And it is. Blowfish gives you everything you need to feel better quickly: pain reliever, caffeine, effervescence and water. Just drop the tablets in water, wait for them to dissolve and drink. We’ll take it from there.
  • Why is Blowfish better than aspirin and a cup of coffee?
    Blowfish is specifically formulated for people with hangovers. That means it’s designed to work fast and be gentle on your stomach. Effervescent tablets works twice as quickly as regular pills. And the medicinal caffeine and effervescent solution are easier on your stomach than coffee, which has been shown to be a strong producer of stomach acid. Not exactly what your stomach needs after a night of getting pummeled by alcohol.