Party Box

Party Box

50 Tablets

Be the life of the day-after-the-party with the Blowfish Party Box. Grab one box and arm your party with 50 tablets in 25 individually-packaged envelopes. Or double up to save money, and spread the healing two times wider. Great for wedding gift bags, tailgates, corporate events or anytime you want to be the party MVP.

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  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Taken In the Morning
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How It Works

Science. Refreshing, bubbly, lemon-flavored science.

Step 1

Wake up and drop tablets in water.

Step 2

Drink when fizzing stops.

Step 3

Feel better in 15 minutes.

Our Hangover-Free Guarantee

Blowfish is a treatment that really works. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. But we’re pretty sure you’re gonna thank us.

Personal Pack

Blowfish has one job: fix your hangover. In the morning, just drop the tablets in water and drink when the fizzing stops. It’s lemon-flavored with a nice “Wow. I’m not dying anymore” finish.The formula is backed by science, FDA-recognized and guaranteed to start to make you feel better in 15 minutes.

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