The Lowdown

The gentle on the stomach, tough on hangovers morning remedy that attacks headache pain, boosts energy, restores hydration and the general will to live.

We Got This

Blowfish is the morning hangover remedy that actually works. The formula is backed by science, FDA-recognized, and guaranteed to make you feel better in 15 minutes.

Just dissolve tablets in water and drink.
We’ll take it from there. 

  • Take it when you wake up
  • Multi-symptom relief
  • Works in 15 minutes
  • FDA-Recognized

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What's Inside

All the stuff you need—caffeine, aspirin, soothing bubbles—and nothing you don’t. Grab the refreshingly simple, science backed formula that’s guaranteed. And at two bucks a hangover? No brainer.

  • Pain relief Aspirin
  • Energy Caffeine
  • Hydration Lemon
  • No Sugar Keto/Paleo
  • Fast Acting Effervescence
Glass of water with Blowfish tablets inside of it and a fresh hydrating lemon slice next to it.

Real reviews from real customers

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Holy grail product! I don’t travel anywhere without these. Any vaca, wedding, weekend getaway, WHATEVER these are in my luggage. Buy them!!!!”

Madeline L.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Blowfish = Amazing. Not just for hangovers, but just for normal headaches. Great product.”

Derek E.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Blowfish is Essential Recovery! Blowfish is our go-to for a quick recovery after a long night. Being mid 40s now, recovery isn’t what it once was! Blowfish saves the day every time.”

Todd K.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“I’ve used this stuff for years! Amazing! Truly rocks. Does the job and you feel way better in minutes.”

Evan B.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“This stuff is AMAZING! It REALLY works!! After a late night of drinking these days, I realize in the morning I'm not 20 anymore. Blowfish is the perfect combination to settle your tummy, stop the headache and wake you up. 1000% recommend!!”

Kimberley S.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Buy this! Works like a charm. Twenty minutes and you don’t feel like your dying anymore and can somewhat function again”

Nicole C.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Long time user, and I love it! Seriously will knock out a hangover in 15-20 minutes. A little while back I was the best man in my friends wedding. I purchased 150 packs and put them out in bowls at the breakfast the morning after the reception. Everyone loved it. I was the hero of brunch, ha ha ha”

Justin B.

Customer rated it 5/5 stars

“Amazing product for hangovers and every day (morning) aches and pains.”

William H.

How does it work?

Science. Refreshing, bubbly, lemon-flavored science.

Step 1

Wake up and drop tablets in water.

Step 2

Drink when fizzing stops.

Step 3

Feel better in 15 minutes.

For more info, nerd out with the science.

Our Super Complicated Guarantee

Just kidding. Love it or your money back. But we're pretty sure you're gonna be a fan.


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