Quadruple Party Box

Quadruple Party Box

200 Tablets

Weighing in at 100 individual doses, the Quad is a must-have for tailgates, weddings, alcohol soaked corporate events—basically any time a lot of people are having a lot of fun. If you’re going to deliver a night to remember, least you can do is help everyone survive the next day.

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How It Works

Science. Refreshing, bubbly, lemon-flavored science.

Step 1

Wake up and drop tablets in water.

Step 2

Drink when fizzing stops

Step 3

Feel better in 15 minutes.

Stock Up For Events

A party favor like no other. If you're gonna give your guests the night of their lives, least you can do is help them survive the next day.

our super complicated guarantee

Just kidding. Love it or your money back. But we're pretty sure you're gonna be a fan.


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