How Much Blowfish Today?
Blowfish Hangover Pills

Starter Pack

20 Tablets | $15.00

Blowfish has one job: fix your hangover. In the morning, just drop the tablets in water and drink when the fizzing stops.  It’s lemon-flavored with a nice “Wow. I’m not dying anymore” finish. 20 tablets of Blowfish in 10 foil-wrapped pouches will help you make friends with morning again. 

Blowfish Hangover Pills

Value Pack

40 Tablets | $25.00

Now we’re talking. Coming in at just $1.25 per hangover, the Value Pack is for people who like a good time and a good deal. It’s brimming with the healing powers of 40 tablets in 20 foil-wrapped pouches. This beauty is our best seller because they go faster than you think. 

Hangover Kit

Party Box

25 x 2 Tablets | $60.00

Be the life of the day-after-the-party with the Party Box. Contains 50 tablets in 25 individually-packaged envelopes packed in a handsome display. Great for wedding gift bags, tailgates, corporate events or anytime you want to be the party MVP.

Hangover Kit

Double Party Box

50 x 2 Tablets | $100.00

Behold the Blowfish Double Party Box. A lot like the Party Box, except times two! 100 tablets in 50 individually packaged envelopes. The formulation is guaranteed. Party-wide gratitude? Very likely.

Holiday Four Box Bundle

Holiday Four Box Bundle

4 x 12 Tablets | $40.00
Limited Time Only! Grab four 12-tablet boxes for a holiday-miracle price of just $40. Perfect for stocking stuffers, virtual secret Santa, or doomsday stockpiling--which seriously might not be a bad idea. The perfect way to tell your loved ones: you drink a lot and I have forty bucks.
Blowfish Guarantee Badge

Our Hangover-Free Guarantee

Blowfish is a treatment that really works. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. But we’re pretty sure you’re gonna thank us.

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