The Ten Best Super Bowl Beer Commercials Of All Time

Posted by Brenna Haysom on

Let's be honest, unless your team is playing, the commercials are most likely the highlight of Super Bowl Sunday. Because, we love beer so much, we decided to go back and scour the archives (YouTube) for the best Super Bowl beer commercials of all time.


10) The Streaker

Not NSFW, contains nudity. Kind of.



9) Here We Go

A dog that fetches beer…who wouldn’t want that?



8) Beer Tackle

This spot tackles too serious topics: Beer and football.



7) The Cedric Shake

When a date ends with drinks in your apartment, it’s usually a good thing. Not so much this time.



6) Rock Paper Scissors

Winning the fight over the last beer in the cooler…we’ve all had this fantasy.



5) Skydiving

Makes jumping out of a plane without a parachute seem like a good idea.



4) Hidden Buds

The perfect example of when a good idea goes horribly wrong.



3) The Magic Fridge

Everyone’s dream: Unlimited free beer.



2) The Budweiser Frogs

It’s simple…almost too simple. But this commercial was an instant classic.



1) Wazzup

It might be the most annoying catchphrase of all time, or maybe the second most annoying (after Hump Day!), but people have been saying wazzzzzup long after the commercial aired…way too long.




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