Is “Liquor Before Beer, Never Fear” True? Blowfish Researchers Have the Answer.

Posted by Kyle Stone on

Every veteran drinker has heard it a million times— Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker. It’s the grand daddy of all drinking mantras, but few out there have taken the time to determine if this well-worn truth is actually, well, true.

Until now.



In a selfless act of discovery, the Blowfish team headed into the lab to put the legendary saying to the test. And by “lab” we mean “bars” and by “test” we mean “drinking.” After two weeks of exhaustive study, the results were in. We also talked to doctors and experts and stuff, so we probably could have skipped the whole research part, but whatever. Point is, the results are in.


Turns out it’s a myth. A lie. A fabrication passed down through the generations like Santa Claus and the moon landing. The fact is, what you drink matters, not the order in which you drink it. Now, are we saying you’ve been living a lie if you’ve subscribed to the Liquor Before Beer theory? Yeah, pretty much.


So where did the saying come from? There could be a psychological angle. As in, thinking a drink will affect you in a certain way probably will. Or maybe it’s as simple as liquor at the end of the night usually means shots, something you probably wouldn’t do at the start of the night when you’re inhibitions aren’t as…compromised. But who knows? This isn’t the time or the place to get bogged down in rogue origin theories. So we propose this: Don’t sweat what you’re drinking or when you’re drinking it. Just have fun. Use a bit of moderation. And take a couple Blowfish in the morning. It’ll hydrate, erase your headache and perk you up for the day ahead. Plus it’s a whole lot easier than trying to remember a dumb poem when you just want to booze with your friends.



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