Blowfish's Big Night Out: Highlights from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala

Posted by Erin Anderson on

In a shocking turn of events, the Blowfish team spent last Friday night in the library.

No, not reading.

Drinking. And bringing much-needed hangover relief to 3000 of New York's fanciest imbibers at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic's opening night gala, at the New York Public Library.


Like everyone else there, the Blowfish samples were all dressed up:


Not quite as dressed up as this lady, though:


Her dress/wearable table was covered in plates of obscenely delicious chocolates. We wanted to hang out with her all night, but we had important business to take care of.


Since we had our Blowfish with us, we felt well prepared for whatever the gala was bringing on. Which is good, because there were too many excellent cocktails to drink only one at a time.


People were obsessed with these ones in particular, that looked very much like soda:


There were plenty of drink options, so if negroni's not your thing, you could have this one - it had corn in it, so it was basically health food.


To keep people from getting too drunk off of vegetables, there were plenty of snacks too. We liked the sandwich board.


But even the sandwiches wouldn't stave off the hangover to end all hangovers. That's why we were pretty glad to have this the next morning (okay, let's be real... the next afternoon).


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