What to Drink at the End of the World

Posted by Erin Anderson on

It’s been a good run, folks. As you may have heard, like, everywhere, the world is ending tomorrow, so tonight is your last chance to party.

Since it’s the Mayans who predicted when this day would arrive, and they occupied what is now southern Mexico, it seems pretty clear that tequila is the liquor of choice for your apocalypse party. Which is good, because if the earth is going to fly into the sun tomorrow, you’ll want to be drunk enough that you can’t feel it.


Tequila Sunrise:

As in, “If the world is ending before sunrise (6:11 a.m. Eastern, 3:11 Pacific), I’d better have some tequila.”

Tequila, orange juice, and a dash of grenadine over ice.




Rim the glass with cayenne salt to feel like the world is ending… in your mouth.




Don’t be shaken or stirred. Stare down the apocalypse with a little liquid courage.


Tequila-Thyme Lemonade:

If the end of the world isn’t tequila time, I don’t know what is.



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