Weirdest Hangover Cures

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Ran out of Blowfish but hungover right now? Why not use common household ingredients (like herrings, cow guts, sheep eyeballs and rabbit poop) to soothe your symptoms? Each of the strategies below has been used at some point by some culture to treat the dreaded morning-after misery, so dig in… if you dare.


What is it: Tripe soup

The theory: Something about salt, fat, and protein helping your body process toxins from alcohol.

The verdict: Weirdly, some variation of tripe soup pops up in a lot of cultures as a hangover cure. Not sure why it’s better for your symptoms than an egg-and-cheese bagel, but if you’re craving cow stomach when you wake up, then this is the cure for you.


What is it: Herring filets wrapped around pickle and onion.

The theory: The salty herring and pickle replenish electrolytes and encourage you to drink water.

The verdict: We’ll drink a damn ocean if it means we don’t have to eat any herring.

Red Eye

What is it: Beer, raw egg, tomato juice, and vodka.

The theory: Cysteine in the egg aids in alcohol metabolism. Vodka and beer make you too drunk to be hungover.

The verdict: While cysteine has shown promise at breaking down acetaldehyde (a byproduct of alcohol metabolism), just thinking about this slimy combo makes us want to puke, and we’re not even hungover right now. Well, not very.

Buffalo Milk

What is it: Dark rum, cream liqueur, spiced rum and whole cream, topped with a scoop of ice cream

The theory: This much rum will make you forget you ever had a hangover (for a while, anyway).

The verdict: It’s basically a booze milkshake that you drink in the morning, so… we’ll take two, please!

Jack Rabbit Tea

What is it: Cowboys in the Wild West drank rabbit poop steeped in hot water to recover from late nights at the saloon.

The theory: Um. No idea, but considering what passed for medicine in 1850, it’s not all that bizarre.

The verdict: Do we even need to say it? Butch and Sundance can keep this one.

Lemon Deodorant

What is it: Rub a slice of lemon in your armpits before drinking.

The theory: Citrus supposedly prevents dehydration, through a complex and mysterious logic that defies modern science.

The verdict: If stanky pits is your worst hangover symptom, then by all means go for it.

Mongolian Mary

What is it: The people of Outer Mongolia drink sheep’s eyes in tomato juice the morning after.

The theory: We’re not touching this one. We give up.

The verdict: If just looking at this drink doesn’t make you hurl, you are made of far stronger stuff than we are.


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